Consumer Insights

A comprehensive knowledge of its own target audience is highly relevant for any company and this is increasingly emerging as a key determiner of success. One of the key challenges in our work is developing a holistic understanding of consumers’ desires, requirements and actions. We examine entire sectors and identify some surprising 360° consumer insights that help us to develop strong and innovative media strategies for our clients’ brands.

Efficiency can be improved by precisely addressing target audience segments to reduce wastage, thus making better advertising investments by aiming to only connect with target audience segments that are relevant to our clients’ brands. Our task is to indicate which media, product and marketing-related measures can offer greater reach in each segment and generate more added value per customer while ensuring that no relevant customer groups are excluded. We can provide a clear overview of these plannable target media audiences for our clients to improve the understanding that their marketing, sales and customer service departments have of their own customers.

With our customer journey analysis, we show which contact points our clients’ target audience access and visit during the purchasing process. Every target audience comes into contact with a brand at numerous points both online and offline. The trick is to reach them at the right time and in the right place with the right message.

As part of touchpoint analysis and optimisation, we examine the different phases in the purchasing decision-making process by order of relevance to the target audience. In doing so, we show how you can most effectively split a given budget across the individual channels to achieve maximum impact on a target audience.