Insights on brands, markets, people and media

Strong and innovative marketing and media strategies require thorough research that delivers more than just a mountain of data. The keys to success are precisely researched and, above all, practical, strategic and comprehensible insights and analysis. Our Strategic Insights team offers a wide-ranging portfolio for national and international practice-oriented analysis – plus innovative tools in the areas of online and offline media use, media trends, customer-specific target groups, brand strengths and the impact of a brand’s communication in the context of its competitive environment.


Media Research & Media Insights

We analyse media strategies of clients, their competitors and reach to target customer groups always with a look to the future development. We also maximise net reach and guarantee increased efficiency. 

Consumer Insights

360° consumer insights help us develop media strategies for our clients’ brands: targeted approaches to audience segments improve efficiency. Analysing customer journeys and touchpoints makes it possible to address consumers precisely and effectively.

Advertising Impact Research

Our 360° brand insights analysis helps make our clients’ brands consumer favourites and determines the most efficient media mix to increase advertising impact at an early stage. In doing so, we continuously measure the impact of marketing campaigns across all media channels.

Trend & Innovation Research

What are the current general media trends? Which ones are relevant for our clients’ brands? How are innovations likely to develop and what challenges, opportunities and risks will result? We track micro- and macro-trends across sectors and countries, evaluate the challenges and opportunities they present and use this to derive recommendations for action.