Advertising Impact Research

With our Brand Health approach, we guarantee 360° brand insights analysis by using qualitative and quantitative methods to create a holistic view with full transparency. Our aim is to take action at an early stage and both introduce corrective measures and recommend lucrative solutions to our clients. We use predetermined performance KPIs to analyse our clients’ positions in their markets as well as their creative market presence compared to the competition – always aiming to make our clients’ brands consumer favourites. In this way, we continuously investigate and measure the impact of marketing campaigns across all media channels, making success quantifiable and thereby optimisable.

Whether it is a time series model or a person-based model: we find the correct approach to optimise the allocation of our clients’ advertising budgets, according to the specific task and the base data, making use of artificial intelligence methods. We use advertising impact indicators for each type of media to calculate individual budget allocations. The aim is to determine the media mix that can increase a brand’s advertising impact most efficiently – depending on the budget and media channel used. This results in brand-individual impact models that serve as the basis for forecasting future media budget allocations.