Social Media & Content Marketing

Social Media Advertising

The social media boom is undeniable and impacts on most customers’ user behaviour. Social media is its own ecosystem where searches can be done and online purchases made. There are now multiple dominant social networks suited to addressing certain target groups. In addition to accessibility, the data foundation that social platforms are built on is an important component in the media mix. The field is certainly on the rise, but sensory overload is so strong that individual approaches are needed to ensure that brands can put their messages across in a highly competitive environment.

In doing this, the message of the advert is just the tip of the iceberg. With data-driven management, Mediaplus provides the right foundation for an advert placed on a social network. Addressing the target group precisely is key to avoiding costly wastage. The opportunity to display motifs in different ways creates numerous variations that we need to plan and implement in the context of the overall complexity. Recently, we have added a campaign optimisation report to the Mediaplus toolbox which, thanks to the experience and consultancy skill at Mediaplus, ensures that social advertising is implemented well.

Content Marketing

Content marketing describes a technique that can be advisory, informal and/or entertaining in tone. The term therefore encompasses a huge range of potential opportunities for impact in online marketing. We know that users run targeted search for content that will help them in their present situations. That is precisely where the brand-specific content needs to be anchored. Content marketing is a fantastic tool for using good content to address and convince the target audience. When it is done well, content marketing bypasses the problem that many users find advertising disruptive and it offers real added value.

Our extensive content marketing experience turns this complex tool into a high-impact addition to the media mix. The main focus of planning is the identification of topics that are relevant to users. Good interaction between data-driven assistance and personal expertise enables the brand to position itself outside its perceived competitive environment.

Influencer Marketing

The influencer boom is a consequence of the success of social media. Due to their enormous reach and the creative ways they can ‘package’ (advertising) messages, these platforms support the spread of influencer marketing. Many companies now have specific budgets for influencer communication. In the sensory overload from media, influencers occupy an unusual position and have a particular relationship to the users, as their posts appear less like advertising and more like recommendations. On the technological side, the development of the ad blocker is also boosting the continued spread of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has now been professionalised to the point that this discipline is as important as other elements in the media mix. This includes everything from strategic campaign planning to reporting. Mediaplus offers the whole range of services to help you use influencer marketing to exploit potential within target groups and to generate dialogue with the target group in a way that complements the brand.