Leistungen Integrierte Mediaplanung & -beratung



Integrated Media Planning & Consultancy

We evaluate marketing communications performance and redesign its content, structure and budget – using the full communications mix. Naturally, this also includes a continuous review of all relevant KPIs.

The Mediaplus Brand Investor, our tool designed in-house for this purpose, is our budget allocation instrument that makes it possible to plan and forecast advertising impact. It guarantees maximum efficiency in optimising multimedia campaigns by calculating contact probability and marginal utility – with the customer decision journey always in mind. In essence, the Brand Investor calculates reach and contact points on an individual level and incorporates the advertising impact to determine all possible budget scenarios with regard to the target KPIs. This enables us to guarantee the most efficient media mix.

Media Strategy
We know that brands need not only specific positioning and creative concepts, but also their own tailored media strategy. This is why, alongside media performance, we put communications impact at the heart of our work – regionally, nationally and internationally. Deriving customer-specific strategies and using appropriate tools at a particular time is as important as constant monitoring of relevant developments, trends and changes in the market.

Brand Strategy
We create positioning with heart, to help people orient themselves in an increasingly complex world. To do this, we optimise complex brand architectures and portfolios – both inside and out.

Innovation Strategy
We scan trends across sectors and countries and evaluate them in terms of the opportunities and challenges they present for our clients – not just as one-offs, but with recommendations for sustainable innovation processes.