Digital Media

Display Advertising
It is said that banners are the posters of the Internet. Display advertising promotes top-of-mind awareness, relevant set and first choice quickly, directly and efficiently, thereby achieving a direct impact on sales. Implemented at selected points throughout the customer decision journey, display advertising achieves impressively large reach, high impact and optimal cost efficiency. Above all, smart use of large-scale formats and attention-grabbing homepage takeovers offer a lot of space for creativity, messages and products. Thanks to optimised visibility and view-time, they deliver the greatest ROI in the media mix for many of our clients. It is in this area of display marketing that Mediaplus is known for its innovative and inquisitive approach. We can boast of numerous developments that have made a lasting impression on the market: from the first video ad, through the development of the dynamic sitebar, to psychographic, programmatic motif management. Our exclusive studies and insights enable us to use all the well-known display formats, like the homepage takeover and the native teaser, to achieve maximum impact with the greatest efficiency. Our innovative, multimedia approach offers our customers a valuable competitive advantage which can sometimes last for several years. For example, our very own "FlyerPlanning" approach offers a basic digital transformation of product and communication, thus resolving several challenges presented by the current media landscape. Our Creative Solutions team can also design, program and implement these advertisements on request, thus getting maximum benefit from the booked advertising space.

Online Video Advertising
Online video advertising does not just solve the challenges of media erosion and fragmentation, that have been building for years and exacerbated by the rapid growth of Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.; online video advertising also reaches the “TV light viewer”, traditionally found in young, educated target audiences with high incomes. It is only with an awareness of the different ways that the various digital video formats work and an ability to implement them in a targeted manner, that you can integrate them into the video advertising mix in a complementary way that creates synergistic effects. Mediaplus can support format and environment selection using its own exclusive insights from surveys like the “Media Equivalence Study: Video”, thus maximising the impact and efficiency of the advertising. Under the overarching banner of “ScreenPlanning”, Mediaplus has developed several powerful tools, strategies and tactics that optimise interaction between the different moving image channels. This makes it possible to better penetrate subdivided target audience segments, maximise net reach on the same budget or reduce flight budgets to promote greater continuity. Because we think creatively and beyond the advertising space that has been booked, we can use copy tests and neuro-studies to offer our clients valuable recommendations regarding lengths and types of segments for video advertisements, to create maximum impact.

Mobile Advertising
The average person accesses his or her smartphone 200 times a day. Mobile devices are omnipresent. For many of us, they are the first and last medium we use every day. Even when watching television, reading the newspaper or listening to the radio, a smartphone is always within our reach. The significance of mobile devices is therefore beyond doubt. For product research and use of content – and therefore for the disciplines SEA, SEO, social and webdev – the key phrase is “mobile first”. However, this small surface poses major challenges for awareness and branding-oriented communication. Mediaplus enables you to make the most of the opportunities that mobile marketing offers with special types of mobile advertising that focus on awareness and are optimised for viewability, mobile native ads which encourage consideration, location-based marketing with drive-to-store mechanisms and app-install campaigns.