360 Mediaplanung



Data-based 360° Media Planning

Building on over 15 years experience in performance-oriented digital planning, agency mediascale began offering 360° media planning in 2018.
With a digital perspective on traditional media, mediascale develops multimedia and data-based media strategies that are individually tailored to client requirements.

Our clients’ aspirations to aim advertising at their target groups on an even more granular level are constantly growing. We do this by using technologies that allow us to link usage and visit duration data with digitally-controlled media channels in a GDPR-compliant manner.

mediascale has been developing and operating its own targeting system NE.R.O. since 2007 to design and run profile-based campaigns. Along with online display campaigns, we now also use data to optimise other media like digital screens, addressable TV and audio options through smart targeting concepts.
For example, with location-based advertising we use smartphone GPS modules to address a target audience on the move at their current location. This means that a specific product offer can be played in the vicinity of a specific store location.

Nowadays, dynamic control of advertising is no longer restricted to online and mobile campaigns. For the client ODDSET, for example, we ran a programmatic Internet radio campaign with dynamic ad control.

Using innovative agency products like its own communications package SP.READ, mediascale provides clients with holistic solutions, including technological implementation, data, media and creation. SP.READ includes editorial preparation, thematically-relevant placing on established websites and significant reach generation amongst the set target audience.

The opportunities to run data-based campaign plans are manifold and they evolve constantly. With increasing digitalisation of classic media, planning requirements change and become increasingly complex and fragmented. We maintain an overview and find the right way for our clients to use these technologies.