Brand-specific Target Groups

Successful brands have one thing in common: communication that is as individual as the brand itself. With brand-specific approaches to target groups, Mediaplus aims to achieve this level of success. We help brands to leave an unmistakable impression and become a fixture in their consumers’ lives.

Never before has there been such constant consumption of media across all devices, and the associated contact opportunities have never been so widespread. However, the number of (advertising) messages and offers for potential clients to choose between is equally high. For brands, this creates a need to efficiently address your target group while simultaneously building or developing your brand in a way that meets increasingly individual requirements. Our recipe for success is therefore about covering customer-specific target groups by integrating data we collect on user behaviour and attitudes into media planning tools. The methods we use to do this include the buyer target group approach, certified by GfK (Growth from Knowledge, consumer research association), which has been proven to significantly increase customer reach and thus increase revenue. According to a GfK study, planning on value-based cluster target groups also increased campaign ROIs by over 30 per cent.